Phase 2 the sea phase.

The sea phase for me was relatively straightforward, apart from being on 2 ships compared the normal 1 in your 1st sea phase. Other than that it was pretty normal.

After finishing phase 1 at college at the end of February, it was just over one week before I went to join my first ship, the MV ENEA in Aberdeen. During this trip which lasted 6 weeks, I spent my time mostly on deck working with the Abs on general maintenance of the ship. This include chipping and painting, alongside any other maintenance that needs carrying out onboard. Alongside this, I spent a lot of time working with  AB on deck during cargo operation.  The trip was quite good in that learnt quite a lot about what ab job onboard, so I definitely now have a lot more respect for what they do onboard and how much that they can affect the day to day running of ship and important they are to the ship operations.


After 6 weeks onboard the ENEA I was granted a period of leave, before joining my next ship the HIGHLAND PRESTIGE.  I spent some think like 11weeks on board, most of which was spent doing a similar sort of stuff to what I did onboard my first ship.


The end of phase 1.

Phase 1 at Fleetwood,  25  weeks, of highs,  learning,  meeting amazing people and some amazing times.


In the last 25 weeks, at college, I have learnt a huge amount of information, in quite a short period of time. Some of this information I would have never associated to be needed for working at sea. Also leering core skill, that are need to work at sea. This defiantly includes things such as chart work and seamanship.


Some of the people that I have meet over the last 25 week, have been truly amazing people and so grateful that I have met.


Now phase 1 is finished, I look forward to hopeful joining the MV ENEA, sometime toward the end of this week.