The end of phase 1.

Phase 1 at Fleetwood,  25  weeks, of highs,  learning,  meeting amazing people and some amazing times.


In the last 25 weeks, at college, I have learnt a huge amount of information, in quite a short period of time. Some of this information I would have never associated to be needed for working at sea. Also leering core skill, that are need to work at sea. This defiantly includes things such as chart work and seamanship.


Some of the people that I have meet over the last 25 week, have been truly amazing people and so grateful that I have met.


Now phase 1 is finished, I look forward to hopeful joining the MV ENEA, sometime toward the end of this week.


So it December.

So  it’s something like six weeks since I’ve written anything. Well, being a cadet  is hard work, so sometimes blogging does take a back seat.  Most of you are probably wondering what I’ve been up to in those six-ish weeks.

Since then I have finished tanker Familiarisation. Along with finishing that ,I have finished the maritime sector overview  module which I passed, it always good thing passing  exams as it gives  you a good boost.

So that’s enough,  of what I  have finished in the last ever how long so onto the subjects  which I have started which are quite a wide variety. The first of these is ship stability which covers quite a large range of things, mainly making sure ships stay upright and don’t sink.   This is something that I  very much enjoy as you are continually building on what you have learnt  in previous lessons, and combining it together to work out complicated problems.

I’ve also recently started the nautical science module which covers a huge range of stuff. This includes celestial navigation, which covers being out to navigate by looking at stars and some complex maths.  Then there’s the terrestrial navigation, which covers a huge variety of things that are fundamental to the basic principles  navigating a  ship.

Also recently started the assisting with a navigational watch module which covers a huge variety of things primarily to do with assisting navigating a ship from A to B and how you do that. A large portion of this module is spent in the college’s   state-of-the-art simulators, which are truly amazing.   Also covers some very fundamental principles to being a deck officer such as  COLREGS.

So another week has gone by.

So with the starting of another week, means starting of another one-day short course, which was Entry into enclosed spaces.


The course itself is spilt into 2 part a theory session and practical session.  The theory a couple of hours sat in the class room, learning all about the danger of enclosed space and the way of managing these dangers.  Then later into the week, you move onto the practical session, which covers putting what you learned in the classroom into practice. It also shows you some of the different pieces of equipment that can and will be used when you go into enclosed space to keep you safe. But course most pushed bit of advice is if you don’t have to go in don’t go in.


Also this week we started the death by powerpoint which is tanker familiarization. It is cover all the basic that you would need to be able to work on tankers. Despite the fact, I am unlikely to be working on tankers during my cadetship I am finding it highly interesting which is always a good think.



Also this week the grandparents come and saw me which quite nice, to see them again.  Other than that I been a pretty normal week.

My time her so far- 4-week in

My time her so far-  4-week in

So I am studying the HNC deck office course here at Fleetwood Nautical Campus(FNC) which to me is about 250 miles from my family home down in Somerset.  So I will train be Deck Officer in the Merchant Navy, meaning that I will not only be doing navigation but cargo operations, communications, ship safety and watch duties.

I started here at the being of September. Once we arrived we signed some paperwork sorting out our accommodation , then head off to find our room then settle into them.  Once was done it was the first of many talks about what are time her FNC would be like and how to get the most out of it.  Then it was it time for food then, on to the meeting of new people of course that happened in the bar.


If you go FNC the first week you will go the Development Course  This is where they pack you off to a youth hostel for 4 days, to take part in a week of outdoor activity  and team building activity to get to know the people you are on a course with.  On the final night, you partake in a mess dinner.

Then it back to college for the weekend, then on to some learning.  The first week after CDC for use was the first of the week-long short course that we need to undertake. For me, this was PSC&RB which is all about learning how to drive lift boats and rescues boats and how to manage the people in them.  It was quite an interesting week and I learnt a load of new information.  It also skills that I hope to only every use  when training and not in real life.

Then the week after it was back to our normal timetable. Which includes lessons on a wide range of subject.  Which are highly interesting.