So it’s the end of January and the end of the short course.

The end of January brings us into the last month here at Fleetwood. With an olive now, and truly on until we head off to sea. But over the next four weeks go quickly as the last four months have gone.

It also marks the end, the end of the short courses that need to be done before you head off to sea. The last two weeks I have done the efficient deckhand course and the basic training for seafarers.

The efficient deckhand course covers a wide variety of stuff. It ranges from knot tying, anchoring procedures, working at heights and generally being safe at sea. It a course I found it highly interesting, despite this huge amount of information that we had to learn.

The basic training for seafarer’s course covers a wide variety of stuff, that we hope never to have to use at sea for real. This includes firefighting, personal survival techniques and elementary first aid.

The first aid cover quite a variety of injury that we may expect to see when at sea, and how to deal with them. The personal survival techniques part of the course covers how to deal with having to abandon ship and then deal with being in cold water. It also covers how the boards and keep safe in life rafts, if we have to ever get in one of them.
Firefighting course covers a variety of situations and what the best techniques are for dealing with it. It also covers how to wear BA sets correctly and safely. It also covers how to search and rescue techniques for when wearing BA set, and how to cover as much of an area As well as the theory you put into practice using the onsite training facility. You start of the course just wearing BA sets, on search and recuse excises. Once that one is done, you do your first “hot wear” again looking for a causality. The heat really does hit you, when you start doing it in the heat. Once that complete you start learning how to fight fires, using water and other substance. First, you do it outside, then you do it again under BA and you go and fight a fire. Once this done, you are ready for the final excises on the Friday morning. This comprises of everything that you have learnt up to this point and putting it together.

Other than that January in a very quiet month. The only other thing we started in January was the chart work element of the course.
Still no news on when I am heading off to sea.


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