So it December.

So  it’s something like six weeks since I’ve written anything. Well, being a cadet  is hard work, so sometimes blogging does take a back seat.  Most of you are probably wondering what I’ve been up to in those six-ish weeks.

Since then I have finished tanker Familiarisation. Along with finishing that ,I have finished the maritime sector overview  module which I passed, it always good thing passing  exams as it gives  you a good boost.

So that’s enough,  of what I  have finished in the last ever how long so onto the subjects  which I have started which are quite a wide variety. The first of these is ship stability which covers quite a large range of things, mainly making sure ships stay upright and don’t sink.   This is something that I  very much enjoy as you are continually building on what you have learnt  in previous lessons, and combining it together to work out complicated problems.

I’ve also recently started the nautical science module which covers a huge range of stuff. This includes celestial navigation, which covers being out to navigate by looking at stars and some complex maths.  Then there’s the terrestrial navigation, which covers a huge variety of things that are fundamental to the basic principles  navigating a  ship.

Also recently started the assisting with a navigational watch module which covers a huge variety of things primarily to do with assisting navigating a ship from A to B and how you do that. A large portion of this module is spent in the college’s   state-of-the-art simulators, which are truly amazing.   Also covers some very fundamental principles to being a deck officer such as  COLREGS.


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