So another week has gone by.

So with the starting of another week, means starting of another one-day short course, which was Entry into enclosed spaces.


The course itself is spilt into 2 part a theory session and practical session.  The theory a couple of hours sat in the class room, learning all about the danger of enclosed space and the way of managing these dangers.  Then later into the week, you move onto the practical session, which covers putting what you learned in the classroom into practice. It also shows you some of the different pieces of equipment that can and will be used when you go into enclosed space to keep you safe. But course most pushed bit of advice is if you don’t have to go in don’t go in.


Also this week we started the death by powerpoint which is tanker familiarization. It is cover all the basic that you would need to be able to work on tankers. Despite the fact, I am unlikely to be working on tankers during my cadetship I am finding it highly interesting which is always a good think.



Also this week the grandparents come and saw me which quite nice, to see them again.  Other than that I been a pretty normal week.


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