All about me.

All about me

I am 18-year-old studying at Fleetwood Nautical Campus toward an HNC in Nautical Science and to become a full qualified deck officer.

Having finished my A level in the Summer of 2016, getting 3C in ITC, Geography, and History.

Having known all of my life I would not cope sitting behind a desk day, day out. Also knowing I did not want to flow in the family business which is working the land as a farmer.  But I did know that I wanted a job that could give a career for life, some think that would allow me to get reasonability at a reality young age. So knowing this I still had no idea want I wanted to do in life, I just made the selection of think to me a lot smaller.

That was until l Christmas of 2015 , when thought the sea cadet and Jubilee sailing trust I went on a tall ship voyage. This allowed me to speak to people in the industry in a way that before I would never be able to do.  After a week I left an inspired person and went to research careers at sea.  after researching  I decided a career and a life at sea was for me.



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